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The Norwegian Conservative Party's Climate Summit

Today, Thursday April 5th, 2018, one day prior to the commencement of the Norwegian Conservative Party (Høyre) annual Congress, a special parliamentary group from the governing Høyre party hosted a one-day Climate Summit. The summit served as a platform to bring together Conservative Party politicians from every county. These politicians were mandated with the responsibility to develop effective and sustainable climate policy within their home districts.

The seminar hosted speakers from both academia and the business community. Ola Elvestuen, Hoyre's Minister for Climate & Environment and Nikolai Astrup, Høyre's Development Minister, presented at the summit and discussed climate and environmental issues within the governing Conservative Party, both from a historic and future perspective. Erna Solberg, Norway's sitting Prime Minister, will attend the post-summit dinner later this evening.

Terje Osmundsen, Empower New Energy's founder and CEO, was invited to speak at the climate summit and presented his viewpoint with regards to how Norway's current climate policy within Høyre is viewed from outside as well as providing suggestions regarding how current climate policy can be improved. 

Here you can access Terje Osmundsen's presentation.

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