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The benefits of working with us

Empower New Energy offers a streamlined and swift process for C&I solar investments.

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Our due diligence process has been designed to be straightforward, and is carried out in close collaboration with our project partners.
How do we structure our investments?


  • We work with our project development partners to select and prepare projects for investment

  • We bring equity and climate finance required to build and operate high-quality renewable energy assets 


Our process is designed to work seamlessly with both our Project Development partners and Off-taker partners (energy user):

If you are representing a project developer seeking a financier for your project, Empower New Energy is your partner of choice. 

Before we provide finance for the construction, we team up with our local project partner who prepares the pre-feasibility study. Based on this, Empower New Energy will submit the offer to finance the construction and operation to the energy user.

Empower works in close collaboration with our project development partners to select and prepare projects for investment. As a project developer, you are responsible for preparing a feasibility study and project plan covering:

  • A calculation of the project’s yield and load estimate;

  • An analysis of the suitability and availability of the land or roof site on which the project is expected to be built;

  • A technical solution, including establishing the size of the project; construction costs estimates.

  • Providing the environmental, social and safety assessment as required;

  • Obtaining all required permits and approvals for the Project;

  • Providing a Project execution plan and timeline.

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