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Case studies

Ghana Nuts, Ghana  |  Project Size: 600 kWp  |  CO2 avoidance: 9,864 tonnes

“Our partnership with Empower New Energy has been a game-changer for our business. We’ve reduced out carbon footprint and experienced significant cost savings on our electricity bills, which has helped us to reinvest in our operations and improve our bottom line.”

Obed Asante, CEO, Ghana Nuts

ghana nuts.jpg

Zalar Holdings, Morocco  |  Project Size: 2.5MWp  |  CO2 avoidance: 36,816 tonnes

jet energy.jpg

“Zalar is Morocco’s leading poultry Group, present across the entire poultry-meat value chain, with operations at 25 different locations in Morocco. Embarking on our plan to solarize our largest 4 facilities with solar energy, Empower New Energy proved to be a highly competent, efficient and flexible financier.”

Jaoad  Sqalli, Deputy CEO, Zalar Holding

zalar silos.jpg
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