International solar and wind energy markets can give Norway 60 billion NOK in yearly revenue in 2030

Today, the new report “Scandinavian Investment in Renewable Energy in Developing Countries” was presented at an Investor Forum hosted by The Norwegian Solar Energy Cluster. The report is developed by Multiconsult and Differ on behalf of Zero, Norfund and The Norwegian Solar Energy Cluster. You can find more information about the event here

The report analyses how the level of private investments differ between the three Scandinavian countries, and looks at differences in publicly financed support mechanisms and instruments. Empower New Energy is mentioned in the report as one of the relevant actors in the renewable energy sector in developing countries. You can read the full report here.

CEO of Empower New Energy, Terje Osmundsen, was also among the speakers at the Investor Forum. As well as presenting Empower New energy, he talked about how the international markets for solar and wind energy can give Norway 60 billion NOK in yearly revenue by 2030. 

Empower New Energy

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