Empower New Energy has started its commercial operation in Ghana

We are pleased to announce the completion and commercial operation of our solar project in Accra, Ghana. The Ghanaian Energy Commission has granted Empower its first renewable energy wholesale electricity supply license, which allows Empower the right to operate, produce and sell renewable energy in the country. The commission has granted the license after conducting a rigorous evaluation and quality assurance on Empower´s recent solar project for Miniplast Limited.

Miniplast Ltd is a leading manufacturer of industrial and household plastic products with over 30 years of experience in the sector. In February 2020, the company signed a contract to buy electricity from a 782 kWp grid-tied solar photovoltaic plant that has been installed on their factory roofs in the Spintex Industrial Area of the capital city Accra. Despite the impacts of Covid-19 on business operations, Empower in collaboration with Stella Futura has successfully executed the project within 6 months of its inception and is now supplying clean energy to the factory. This solar plant for the plastic recycling and manufacturing company is the second largest of its kind in Ghana. The solar plant enables Miniplast to increase the use of clean energy to run operations, while also cutting costs on their monthly electricity bills. Check out the project´s video on here.