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Clean Energy Seminar in Sri Lanka

As a joint initiative between Western Norway University of Applied Sciences, the Norwegian Embassy in Sri Lanka and the Sri Lanka Energy Managers Association, a one-day Clean Energy Seminar was held in Colombo, Sri Lanka with the aim to establish the Norway – Sri Lanka Research Consortium on Clean Energy Technologies. Both countries committed to a decrease in CO2 emissions and to the development of long-term plans to increase the share of clean energy technologies to effectively tackle future energy demands.

Terje Osmundsen, founder and CEO of Empower New Energy AS, presented at the seminar on the subject of empowering decentralized renewable initiatives through Innovative financing solutions, with a particular focus on how Sri Lanka could avoid using expensive and polluting coal (which is currently planned) by opening the channels for scaling up private investments in decentralized renewables.  Osmundsen discussed the benefits of decentralized renewables and outlined the essential success factors required for governments to effectively and sustainably promote the scale-up and development of renewable energy provision.

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