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Benin: Untapped potential for distributed renewables

Benin can cut its dependence on imported fuels by more than 50% by facilitating private investments in distributed renewables, and at the same time save money, create local jobs and reduce pollution.”

This was the main message in the keynote speech - "Énergies renouvelables distribuées - une feuille de route pour une sécurité énergétique à faible coût pour le Bénin?" ("Distributed renewables – a roadmap for low-cost energy security for Benin?") -  held by Terje Osmundsen at the occasion of the Nordic-Benin Business Seminar in Cotonou, Benin, April 4th, hosted by Benin Minister of Energy, Dona Jean-Clause Houssou. 

Empower’s CEO Terje Osmundsen participated in the 23-member Business Mission from 3-5 April, led by the Norwegian-African Business Association (NABA). The delegation visit started with a 2 hours meeting with His Excellency President Patrice Talon, who presented his ambitious reforms to enhance private investments in Benin, as well his strong determination to build deep relations with Norwegian businesses, investors and government partners.

The Government of Benin is planning to increase generation capacity to 500 MW by 2021, eliminating the need for imports of energy. As such, Empower New Energy and other Norwegian energy companies can be important partners if Benin is to succeed in reaching this goal.

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