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Terje Osmundsen

Chief Executive Officer

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As the CEO, Terje’s role is to provide leadership and direction for the successful completion of investments in solar energy. This includes developing and executing strategic plans, managing budgets, overseeing personnel, and making decisions related to the company's investments. During his eight years as Head of Business Development in Scatec Solar, Terje developed a distinctive track-record from pioneering and scaling solar energy in emerging markets. His leadership experience includes large international groups like Kvaerner, Telenor, Saga Petroleum and Alcatel, as well as publishing and think-tanks. He is a seasoned non-executive board member and currently serves as a Board member in the clean tech companies SolarDuck and Norsk e-Fuel.


Terje also has a background in politics and government, including working as the Chief Political Adviser to the Prime Minister. Terje is an acknowledged author, thought leader and public speaker

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