EmNEW at AIX: Power and Renewables 2019

On 13 and 14 November 2019, the Africa Investment Exchange: Power and Renewables conference was organised in London. The conference focuses on the development of power projects in Africa and is well-attended by both private and public sector investors, African officials and project developers.

Highlights from this year's conference includes an impressive panel discussion by the energy regulators of Ghana, Ethiopia, Nigeria, Namibia, Tanzania and Uganda, all of whom emphasised that they are very much open for business in the renewable space although acknowledging that actual and perceived risk of doing business can be considered to be a deterrent for market entrants.  

EmNEW was invited to participate in a panel chaired by Orli Arav with participation by EBRD, Finergreen, Denham Capital and Actis. Susie Scannelli Cook, our Chief Legal and Investment Officer, was present to discuss how to attract investors in the panel, reflected on the current market conditions, historic IPP structures, and looking at what changes need to be made to attract investors to new and innovative business models. EmNEW's business model was praised for being innovative and potentially swift in deploying capital into much-needed projects.