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Clean, reliable and
low-cost electricity
for industry, commerce
and agriculture

Is your business looking for cheaper and cleaner energy?

Empower New Energy has modernised and simplified the way for you to have access to your own solar power. If your business has access to roof and ground space, there is no need for you to rely solely on expensive power from the grid or diesel-generated power. Together with our local partners, we offer an optimized solar PV solution reducing your energy costs whilst lowering your carbon and environmental footprint.

With the comfort of a long-term agreement where the partnership is anchored with the signing of the Power Purchase or Power Supply Agreement, you can rely on Empower to take care of the construction, maintenance, and supply of electricity directly to your load, as well as monitoring and reporting, with no upfront payments from your side.  


Empower New Energy’s solution means your business can start saving money from the first day of operation. Through our innovative partnership model, we have made it easier than ever for African businesses like yours to attract international impact investment.  

Empower New Energy has earmarked more than USD 75 million for investments into rooftop and ground-mounted solar plants to meet the energy needs of commercial, industrial, and agricultural users. With our top-notch quality standards, you can rest assured that you will gain access to the best in solar energy solutions, significantly reduce your energy costs and cut your carbon emissions. 

The Empower New Energy investment model

Empower New Energy’s unique co-development model enables small and medium sized African businesses to attract international impact investment, via local project partners. With USD 75 million currently reserved from our investors, Empower New Energy will deploy more than 100 MW of rooftop and ground-mounted solar plants for commercial, industrial and agriculture energy users, while ensuring best quality standards.


Project Partnering

Our unique model allows us to tap into the diverse skills and resources of our project partners. Successful implementation involves close collaboration with the energy user, as well as our engineering, technical and legal partners.

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Construction and Operations

The project is constructed and carried out by the Engineering and Construction (EPC) partner, overseen by Empower New Energy’s technical and Environment, Health and Safety expertise.

The solar power plant is monitored by Empower New Energy in close collaboration with our local operation and maintenance partner.

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Asset management and ownership

Empower New Energy is the owner of the energy plant during the contract period, and manages the asset in line with national regulations, tax rules and environmental and social standards.

At the end of the contract period, we offer the energy user the option to become the owner of the solar plant.

Investment with a positive impact

By 2030, Empower New Energy aims to invest over USD 300 million in decentralised solar energy across Africa, avoiding 500,000 tonnes of CO2 and creating around 20,000 jobs.  To date, we have invested USD 7.4 million and delivered 12 solar projects in Egypt, Ghana, Morocco and Nigeria. As of today, these have resulted in the following estimated impact:

Community Development

A proportion of all capital expenditure by Empower New Energy will be deployed into a community development programme focused on socially disadvantaged communities in our target markets.

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