Impact investment in renewable energy

We make it happen

Our vision is a world empowered by clean, affordable and reliable energy

Our value proposition

Empower provides equity capital for renewable energy projects traditionally too small for international finance. In partnership with the developers, we prepare the projects for investment, finance the construction and manage the assets. Through our innovative business model, we make the market for commercial and industrial projects in Africa accessible to impact investors and climate financiers.


Our unique value proposition is that we combine the work as a co-developer and provide 100% equity. We work with our project development partners to select and prepare projects for investment. We bring equity and climate finance required to build and operate high-quality renewable energy assets  

We have developed a unique set of collaborative tools that streamline the structuring of the project and due diligence process. This way, we make projects commercially viable and reduce time to market.


Project partnering

Partnering with local and international project developers to make renewable energy projects qualify for investment


Construction and operations

Collaborating with local and international partners for engineering, construction and the operation of clean energy facilities 


Investment and asset management

Leveraging equity capital with climate finance to secure high financial, environmental and social returns