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PV magazine


PVT-biomass system for space heating in small homes

A US-Chinese research group has developed a hybrid system proposal based on photovoltaic-thermal (PVT) modules, a heat pump, a backup electric boiler, and biomass generating units. They say it could be used as space heating in a single-floor home.




US stays atop EY renewables attractiveness index, Spain heads PPA chart

Many renewables technologies that were considered new and high-risk in the recent past are fast showing the potential to become mainstream and are therefore attracting investment interest. 


ESI Africa


ECOWAS member states validate climate change mitigation strategy

The Regional Climate Strategy contains sectoral objectives for adaptation – a priority issue for the region – and contribution to climate change mitigation by a multi-sectoral approach i.e. (transport, agriculture, energy, land use, water, health etc). Mitigation in these industries can reduce environmental impacts...