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ESI Africa


Bringing renewables to the grid to unite African system operators

System operators have come together to create The Global Power Systems Transformation Consortium (G-PST) to address this issue. The consortium is drawing on operators who are very focused on the mandate of trying to get increasing amounts of variable renewable energy onto their grid, as well as other low emission solutions that can assist in integration of power systems in the future.

PV Magazine


Lack of grid capacity and renewable energy institutions are a common lament in sub-Saharan Africa but there is no lack of cash to invest, nor eligible projects in East Africa, as a recent event heard; the problem lies in marrying the two.

The Guardian


The climate crisis is a crime that should be prosecuted

The crime in question is the fossil fuel industry’s 40 years of lying about climate change. Arguably the most consequential corporate deception in history, the industry’s lies have had the effect of blunting public awareness and governmental action against what scientists say is now a full-fledged climate emergency.