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EU to offer expertise to drive renewables-friendly policy across Africa

"The oft-heard industry call for more supportive policy for renewables, this time in Africa, has prompted the European Commission to pledge to work with its continental counterpart on improving the clean energy regulatory environment."



How can the AfCFTA improve energy efficiency and access in Africa?

"While power pooling has had some success in the region, it has not reached its potential in solving Africa’s energy problems. To resolve some of its limitations, the African Continental Free Trade Agreement (AfCFTA) can play a major role."



How renewables could kill off fossil fuel electricity by 2035.

"Solar and wind energy have the potential to meet global electricity demand 100x over, and the costs of these renewables are collapsing so rapidly that fossil fuels could be pushed out of electricity generation altogether by 2035, according to a report by a U.K. think tank."