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The New York Times


The World Needs to Quit Oil and Gas. Africa Has an Idea: Rich Countries First.

As negotiators at the Glasgow climate talks try to agree on greenhouse gas cuts, African leaders say poorer countries can’t be expected to remake their systems as quickly as wealthy ones.


ESI Africa 


Starsight Energy has become the first renewable energy company in Nigeria to secure carbon credit accreditation.

Backed by Africa-focused private investment firm Helios Investment Partners, Starsight Energy works predominantly in the C&I solar power sector. It has earned certification by switching its customers’ power and cooling from predominantly diesel-based electricity to a combination of solar, battery and diesel hybrid systems.


The Guardian


Polluters face price pain as global carbon trading system moves forward.


The world’s biggest polluters have amassed trillions of pounds in profits over recent decades amid the steepest rises in carbon emissions and global temperatures on record. Yet despite this surge, and the well-understood economic consequences of the climate crisis, there have been only incremental moves to put a price on polluting.