Empower has multiple on-going investment projects in Kenya, Ghana, Nigeria, Egypt, Rwanda and Morocco. Some of these are profiled below.

Miniplast - Ghana

In September 2020, Empower successfully completed its first investment. The 700 kWp solar plant for the plastic recycling and manufacturing company Miniplast, is the second largest of its kind in Ghana. The solar plant enables Miniplast to increase the use of clean energy to run operations, while also cutting costs on their monthly electricity bills. Read more about the project.

Offtaker:                        Miniplast Ltd.

Developer & EPC:       Stella Futura

Project Size:                  782 kWp

Contract:                       20 years PSA

CO2 avoidance:            15 698 tonnes (30 yrs.)

Asset mgmt:                  Empower New Energy

Investor:                        Empower Invest

InterCairo for Aluminium Industry- Egypt

Empower in partnership with GreeSolar, one of Egypt´s leading solar PV developers, has installed a roof-mounted solar PV for InterCairo. The project is now commissioned and is generating electricity. This project enables the factory to cut CO2 emissions and energy costs substantially, secure jobs and contribute to Egypt´s renewable  energy goals. Read More about the project here.

Offtaker:                        InterCairo Aluminium SAE

Developer & EPC:       Gree Solar

Project Size:                  495 kWp

Contract:                       25 year PSA

CO2 avoidance:            11 250 tonnes (30 yrs.)

Asset mgmt:                  Empower New Energy

Investor:                        Empower Invest

Premium Poultry - Nigeria

This project is a ground-mounted solar PV system on land belonging to the client, next to their facilities in Abuja, Nigeria. The project is expected to generate an estimated 1 GWh of renewable energy per year. Read More about the project in English, French and Norwegian.  

Offtaker:                        Premium Poultry Ltd.

Developer & EPC:       Rensource Energy

Project Size:                  700 kWp

Contract:                       25 year PSA

CO2 avoidance:            14 310 tonnes (30 yrs.)

Asset mgmt:                  Empower New Energy

Investor:                        Empower Invest

Our project investments


Rucanzogera - Rwanda

Empower, in partnership with the Norwegian engineering and construction company, Malthe Winje, is working to prepare financing for a run-of-river hydro project in Rwanda. The project will deliver 9 GWh of clean energy per year to one of the least developed regions in the country. A grant from EEP Africa was awarded to the project for its contribution to socioeconomic development. Read more about the project in English and French

Offtaker:                        Rwanda Energy Group

Developer & EPC:       Tiger and Malthe Winje

Project Size:                  1.9 MWp

Contract:                       25 year PSA

CO2 avoidance:            151 200 tonnes (30 yrs.)

Asset mgmt:                  Malthe Winje & partners

Investor:                        Malthe Winje & partners



Working closely together with our project development partners, Empower has built a strong pipeline of renewable energy projects in more than 10 countries in Africa. The projects include grid-tied rooftop and ground-mounted solar PV projects, as well as mini-grids and run-of-river small hydro plants, some also with battery storage solutions.  

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