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    Politique de confidentialité Version 1.0 Dernière mise à jour : Septembre 2019 Disclaimer​ This Privacy Policy (“Policy”) describe s how Empower New Energy AS (“Empower”) collects and uses your personal information, and the rights and choices available to you regarding such information. ​ This Policy covers Empower’s treatment of personal data in its capacity as asset manager of Empower Invest AS (“Empower Invest”), a limited liability company incorporated in Norway for the sole purpose of raising funding for carrying out renewable energy projects in emerging markets. As such, this Policy applies only to Empower and does not apply to affiliated or linked companies or websites. 1 Data Controller​ Empower collects data either for itself or on behalf of Empower Invest. Both Empower and Empower invest are data controllers in that they determine the purposes for and the means by which personal data is processed. However, Empower acts as the processor in that it processes data on behalf of itself or Empower Invest. The relationship between Empower as the processor and Empower Invest as a controller is governed by a Data Processing Agreement. ​ The person responsible for the processing and treatment of such data within Empower is the Information Officer. 2 What information we collect​ Information collected from investors, partners and clients Empower collects either for itself or on behalf of Empower Invest personal data from its investors, partners and clients, which may include: Names, title, address, mobile, and email addresses Financial statements and annual accounts Copies of passports or driver’s license or company registration or certificate Articles of association, shareholding agreements, certificate of registration or similar, and certified copy of utility bill or tax return ​ Empower may collect additional personal data that is necessary for the delivery of agreed upon services or the implementation of the specific agreement entered into with Empower or Empower Invest. ​ Information collected from website users Empower uses Google Analytics on our website to track visitor behavior. This information is used to get information on the number of visitors view the website and to better understand how such website visitors find and use the Empower website, and how such visitors navigate the pages on the Empower website. ​ From your accessing of the Empower website, Google Analytics stores information about your geographical location, device, browser, and operating system. Empower receives this information in aggregated form, so it cannot be used to track your behavior or usage individually. Google Analytics also collects your IP address, but this is anonymous and cannot be used by Empower to identify you. ​ You can read more about Google Analytics here and read their Privacy Policy here . ​ 3 How we collect your information​ Most of the data we collect is provided directly by you. We store the personal data you have submitted to our website or sign up forms or to any of our employees or representatives with regards to entering into and implementing an agreement with Empower or Empower Invest. ​ Empower may also receive your data indirectly from third party electronic sources including company registries or other websites. ​ 4 Why we collect your information​ Legitimate interest. Empower collects your information to be able to implement and execute agreements entered into with Empower or Empower Invest. Legal requirements. Empower is an unauthorized Alternative Investment Fund Manager (“AIFM”) of Empower Invest and registered with the Financial Supervisory Authority of Norway (“Finanstilsynet”). To register as an AIFM, Finanstilsynet requires us to collect certain personal data from our investors to fulfill the requirements related to Anti Money Laundering (AML), Common Reporting Standard (CRS) and the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA). ​ Additionally, in order to comply with its Integrity and Know-Your-Customer (KYC) Policy, Empower will conduct checks on all those persons or entities with which it enters into a business relationship. ​ 5 Where we store your information​ Empower stores your personal data securely in our internal database using Dropbox. You can read Dropbox’s Privacy Policy here . ​ Furthermore, Empower stores all client personal data in the Empower Gateway, the project due diligence and document management system owned by Wrike. You can read Wrike’s Privacy Policy here . ​ 6 Sharing personal information with third-parties​ Empower will share with Empower Invest all personal data necessary for the implementation and fulfilment of its agreements with partners, investors and clients. In addition, Empower will also share such personal data and information with its professional advisors and consultants and actual and potential investors for the purpose of carrying out due diligence checks and Know-Your-Customer and other integrity checks. ​ Beyond this, Empower will not share or sell or in any other way transfer personal data to other parties, unless we legally obliged to do so. ​ 7 Use of cookies​ Cookies are text files placed on your computer to collect standard internet log information and visitor behavior information. When you visit the Empower website, we may collect information from you automatically through cookies or similar technology. For further information, please visit . ​ Empower uses cookies on the Empower website to collect information about visitor behaviour. This information is used to better understand how you use the Empower website and to improve its functionality and usability. This way, Empower can improve your experience on our website and to ensure the best service. ​ The information we collect using cookies is aggregated data on visitor behavior, so the data collected cannot be used to identify you or track your movements individually. ​ The website is built using The system implements different cookies to control how content is displayed, to track the different visitors, and to ensure security on the site. Furthermore, the site applies cookies to implement features for sharing our articles on different social network platforms. You can read’s Privacy Policy here . ​ Empower does not treat information obtained through cookies or similar technology as personal data. To the extent that the IP address or similar indicators are seen as personal data, we will treat these indicators as personal data. Similarly, to the extent that non-personal data is combined with personal data, we will treat the combined data as personal data. ​ Most browsers are set to automatically accept cookies. If you do not want this, you can change the settings of your browser so that it blocks cookies from Please be aware that this may affect the functionality of our website. ​ 8 Newsletter​ Empower would like to send you newsletters with information about our company, projects and partners that we think might be of interest to you. If you have agreed through an opt in arrangement to receive our newsletter, you may always choose to unsubscribe at a later date. ​ You have the right at any time to stop Empower from contacting you for marketing or communication purposes. ​ If you no longer wish to be contacted for marketing purposes, please send an email to . ​ 9 Your rights concerning your personal information​ We treat your personal data in accordance with the Norwegian Personal Data Act and all applicable regulations as may be updated from time to time. ​ Should you have a complaint against Empower in the way in which your personal data is being handled by Empower, please contact The Norwegian Data Protection Authority (“Datatilsynet ”) to report your complaint. ​ Please note your rights, which include the following: You have the right to request from Empower copies of your personal data held by Empower. We may charge you a small fee for this service. You have the right to request that Empower corrects any information you believe is inaccurate. You also have the right to request us to complete information you believe is incomplete. You have the right to request that Empower erases your personal data, under certain conditions. You have the right to object to Empower’s processing of your personal data, under certain conditions. You have the right to request that Empower transfers the data that we have collected to another organization, or directly to you, under certain conditions. If you make a request, Empower will respond to you within the prescribed period. If you would like to exercise any of these rights, please contact us using the contact information at the end of this Privacy Policy in paragraph 12 below. ​ 10 Data retention​ Information obtained by Empower is stored in our systems for as long as you or your company continue to have a relationship with Empower and/or Empower Invest. ​ 11 Security​ Empower’s website uses https for encryption which provides safe communication between our server and your computer. The encryption ensures that only our server can read what you submit to our website, and only your computer can read what is sent by the server. To check if a website is encrypted with https, look for https instead of http in the url. ​ 12 Contacting us Should you have any questions or enquiries, please contact us using one of the two methods below. Email: By Post or in Person: Empower New Energy AS, Snarøyveien 20, 1360 Fornebu, Oslo, Norway

  • CODE OF CONDUCT | Empower New Energy

    Code de conduite Version 2 Last updated February 2023 1. Introduction and Core Values This Code of Conduct (the Code of Conduct) sets out the high ethical standards to which Empower New Energy AS (Empower) requires all its directors, managers, employees (whether permanent or temporary), its agents, consultants, contractors and its business partners and their employees to adhere, regardless of domicile. ​ Empower expects all management, employees, agents, consultants and business partners to observe the highest standards of integrity and ethical conduct and to act with honesty at all times. Empower has a zero-tolerance approach to fraud, corruption, bribery, money laundering and immoral activities or behaviour. ​ Empower is dedicated to promoting integrity, transparency and accountability through all its business dealings and actions. ​ 2. General Standard of Conduct Empower does not condone or tolerate, and will take disciplinary actions against the following prohibited activities in its internal or business dealings: (a) Making or receiving payments for undue advantage; (b) Giving or receiving gifts that could be interpreted as intending to influence business decisions; (c) Donating funds to political parties or candidates; (d) Using confidential or material information not in the public domain for personal gain, whether directly or indirectly; (e) Participating in money laundering or other financial and tax crimes; or (f) Deliberately entering into commercial transactions not on an arm’s length basis, or setting prices for goods or services outside of the normal market perimeters. 3. Duties of all employees of Empower In the discharge of their duties, all employees of Empower, whether permanent or temporary, and all contractors of Empower shall adhere to the following requirements in the course of their engagement with Empower and shall expect all third-parties to be familiar with these requirements and standards: ​ (a) not to accept any instructions from any person or entity outside of Empower except in the ordinary course of business and not to offer, pay, solicit or accept payments of any kind to achieve economic or business advantages or expedited processes; ​ (b) whilst making decisions for Empower, to only take into account considerations relevant to the purpose, functions, operations and mandate of Empower, and to act with full impartiality in carrying out business duties; ​ (c) to show respect and tolerance for all cultures, beliefs and backgrounds, regardless of gender, race, age, religion, disability, social status or sexual orientation; ​ (d) not to behave in any way that constitutes, or could be perceived by others as constituting, harassment or bullying of any kind. ​ (e) to comply at all times with all national and international laws and regulations; ​ (f) not to engage in political activity that may interfere or conflict with duties as an employee of Empower. However, nothing in this Code of Conduct shall affect the legitimate interest of any employee to participate in a democratic process or to be a member of a political party that promotes democratic principles; ​ (g) not to accept gifts, hospitality or gratuities in connection with the exercise of one’s duty as an employee of Empower. This restriction extends to gifts offered to spouses, domestic partners, relatives through bloodline or marriage or to a person linked to a company in which the employee or his/her spouse, partner or relative has an interest. Limited hospitality may be accepted, provided that the scope and cost of such hospitality is reasonable and customary(1) but should be reported as per the Conflic of Interest Policy; ​ (h) not to participate in or promote the sex slave industry or child abuse or exploitation; ​ (i) to protect and preserve the property and assets of Empower and use the resources of Empower as efficiently as possible, guarding against waste and abuse; ​ (j) to communicate the contents of this Code of Conduct to its business partners, agents, affiliates or anyone acting or purporting to represent Empower; ​ (k) not to disclose Confidential Information to anyone internal or external to Empower who is not authorised to receive such information or to use Confidential Information for one’s private advantage, whether direct or indirect as per the Confidentiality Policy. Confidential Information means information that is not ordinarily in the public domain and is made available to employees of Empower through his or her employment with Empower. This restriction on the unauthorised disclosure of Confidential Information extends to the employee’s spouse, domestic partner, relatives through bloodline or marriage or personal acquaintances; and ​ (l) to avoid any situation involving a Conflict of Interest or the appearance of a Conflict of Interest as reflected in the Conflict of Interest Policy. A Conflict of Interest is a situation or circumstance in which private interests of an employee influence or may influence the objective and impartial performance of the exercise of their duty or conduct as an employee of Empower. In this regard, private interests include any advantage for themselves, spouse, domestic partner, relative (whether through marriage or bloodline) or personal acquaintances. Employees are to refrain from letting personal and/or financial interests and external activities come into opposition with the Empower’s fundamental interests. 4. Reporting of Abuses and Procedures Empower’s Whistleblower Policy is intended to encourage and enable employees, contractors and others to raise serious concerns internally so that Empower can promptly address and correct inappropriate conduct and actions. It is the responsibility of all board members, officers, employees, agents, consultants and volunteers to report concerns about violations of Empower’s Code of Conduct or suspected violations of law or regulations that govern Empower’s operations. How to report a breach of the Code of Conduct Any actual or potential breach or conflict of this Code of Conduct, should be reported in compliance with the procedure outlined in Empower’s Whistleblower Policy, Conflict of Interest Policy and Confidentiality Policy, which is available on the Compliance Pages of Empower’s website. ​ 5. Conflict of Interest Conflict of Interest refers to any case where an employee’s personal interests may influence the objective and impartial performance of the exercise of their duty or conduct as an employee of Empower. Conflict of interest may occur whenever an employee’s interest in a particular subject may lead them to actions, activities or relationships that undermine Empower and may place it at a disadvantage. ​ Empower’s Conflict of Interest Policy outlines the rules regarding conflicts of interest and the responsibilities of Empower Personnel and Empower and its subsidiaries in resolving any such discrepancies, and applies to all prospective or current employees of Empower, as well as independent contractors, consultants, agents and persons acting on behalf of Empower or its subsidiaries. A copy of the Conflict of Interest Policy is available on the Empower Compliance Pages of its website. ​ 6. Review This Code of Conduct will be reviewed and updated annually, from the date of the approval of the Empower Board. ​ Employees are encouraged to read this policy in conjunction with other relevant Company policies. (1) In circumstances which make it difficult to refuse or decline a gift, hospitality or gratuity, in particular where such refusal might cause offence or embarrassment to the gift-giver or Empower, the employee/contractor of Empower should send a written notice to the Chief Investment Officer or their Line Manager to seek guidance and prior to accepting such gift or hospitality.

  • WHISTLEBLOWER POLICY | Empower New Energy

    Politique de dénonciation Version 2 Last updated February 2023 1. OVERVIEW At Empower New Energy AS (Empower) we are guided by our company values, which are the foundation of how we conduct ourselves and interact with each other, our clients, developers, suppliers, service providers, contractors, shareholders and other third parties (the Stakeholders), and how our Stakeholders conduct themselves. ​ Empower expects each director, officer, employee, and contractor of Empower and every Stakeholder to comply with all applicable laws and regulations governing Empower’s business operations worldwide. ​ Empower is committed to ensuring corporate compliance and accountability, promoting honesty and integrity and maintaining the highest ethical corporate culture in all its business operations. Consistent with these values, Empower does not tolerate any illegal or unethical behaviour, including fraud, criminal acts, regulatory violations, manipulation of accounting and auditing records, or any breach of this Policy, and/ or any other policies, procedures, or practices established by Empower (and its subsidiaries and affiliates, as applicable). ​ 2. PURPOSE The purpose of this Whistleblower Policy is to provide a framework under which concerns regarding any misconduct or improper state of affairs or circumstances in relation to Empower’s business and those that operate within it are dealt with fairly, effectively, securely, and appropriately. It also establishes Empower’s procedures for (i) the receipt, retention, and treatment of incidents of Reportable Conduct (as defined below), and (ii) the confidential, anonymous reporting of concerns regarding questionable conduct likely to breach any of Empower’s Compliance Policies or to breach any law or regulations governing Empower’s operations. ​ Empower encourages the reporting of any instances of actual or suspected unethical, illegal, corrupt, fraudulent or undesirable conduct involving Empower’s business and provides protection and measures to individuals who make a disclosure in relation to such conduct without fear of victimisation, punishment or reprisal. 3. REPORTABLE CONDUCT Any person who works with or for Empower may make a report or disclosure under this Whistleblower Policy provided that there are reasonable grounds( 1) to believe that in their dealings with Empower any of the following has or might have occurred (Reportable Conduct): Dealings of a dishonest, fraudulent or corrupt nature; Illegal (such as theft, dealing in or use of illicit drugs, violence or threatened violence and criminal damage to property); Unethical; including any breach of Empower’s policies including the Empower Code of Conduct; Grossly negligent; Potentially damaging to Empower, its employees or a third party; Misconduct or an improper state of affairs; A danger, or represents a danger to the public or financial system; Harassment, discrimination, victimisation or bullying. Any disclosures that do not fall within the definition of Reportable Conduct will not ordinarily qualify under this Whistleblower Policy but will be at Empower’s discretion whether it considers there is a reasonable suspicion that the Reportable Conduct is occurring and/or whether the conduct constitutes “misconduct or improper state of affairs”(2). 4. MAKING A DISCLOSURE Empower relies on its employees maintaining a culture of honest and ethical behaviour. Accordingly, should any person become aware of any Reportable Conduct, disclosure under the Whistleblower Policy should be instigated and that person shall be defined as the “Whistleblower”. Gathering of Evidence Incidents of Reportable Conduct must be supported by sufficient information and evidence to enable a proper investigation, particularly in the case of anonymous reports. Incidents of Reportable Conduct should include: the place(s) and date(s) of the incident(s); the identity of individuals involved and names of potential witnesses; a description of the specific actions or omissions that constitute the Reportable Conduct; how the Whistleblower became aware of the incident(s) of the Reportable Conduct; any steps taken by the Whistleblower to date with respect to the incident; and any materials or documents relevant to support or evidence the incident of the Reportable Conduct. ​ Sharing of Evidence In the first instance, a Whistleblower is encouraged to disclose any allegation of Reportable Conduct to one of the following persons, not conflicted or involved in the Reportable Conduct, together with the supporting documentary evidence, and that person shall be deemed the “Whistleblowing Officer” for the purpose of the investigation of the Reportable Conduct: Human Resources Manager Chief Investment Officer Chief Executive Officer Chief Financial Officer Where the Whistleblower genuinely believes that none of the above persons would be capable of conducting an initial review and investigation of the alleged Reportable Conduct, the Whistleblower may notify any member of the Board of Directors of Empower in writing, and the Board shall appoint a Whistleblowing Officer accordingly. ​ Any information provided by the Whistleblower will remain confidential and shall not be disclosed outside of Empower, except as required by law or where disclosure is necessary to regulatory authorities, law enforcement agencies or professional advisors to Empower. Anonymous Reporting ​ It is possible to make a disclosure of Reportable Conduct anonymously, however, it may be difficult for Empower to properly investigate the matters disclosed if an allegation of Reportable Conduct is submitted anonymously. 5. INVESTIGATION The Whistleblowing Officer will investigate the matter and, where necessary, appoint an external investigator to assist in conducting the investigation. All investigations will be conducted in a fair, independent and timely manner and all reasonable efforts will be made to preserve confidentiality during the investigation. ​ Where the allegation of Reportable Conduct has not been made anonymously, the Whistleblowing Officer or external investigator will contact the Whistleblower according to any specified preferred method of communication to discuss the investigation process and any other matters that are relevant to the investigation. The Whistleblowing Officer will endeavour to keep the Whistleblower appraised of progress, together with expected timeframes of the investigation, wheresoever possible. ​ Where the Whistleblower has chosen to remain anonymous, the identity will not be disclosed to the investigator or to any other person and the Whistleblowing Officer will conduct the investigation based only on the information provided to it. ​ Informing the Accused The Whistleblowing Officer or third party will inform the person against whom any allegations have been made of the Reportable Conduct and will be provided with an opportunity to respond (unless there are any restrictions or other reasonable bases for not doing so). ​ Outcome of the Investigation To the extent permitted by law, the Whistleblowing Officer may inform the Whistleblower and/or the person(s) against whom allegations have been made of the findings. While Empower will document the findings in a report, it should be noted that any report from the investigation of the Reportable Conduct will remain the property of Empower and will only be shared with the Whistleblower or any person against whom the allegations have been made if Empower deems it appropriate, or if it is required by law or an order of the court that the contents of the report should be shared. ​ Disclosure to the Board Upon the conclusion of investigations of the Reportable Conduct of a Staff, the report shall be disclosed to the Management of Empower for necessary disciplinary measures which may include warnings, suspension or dismissal, against such person. The appropriate authorities shall be notified at the conclusion of investigations if it is determined that the Reportable Conduct involved a breach of the law. ​ In the event of an investigation into the reportable conduct of a member of the Management, the report of the investigation shall be disclosed to theBoard of Directors of Empower. Where it is confirmed that the person against whom the Reportable Conduct was made has carried out a serious breach of Empower’s Code of Conduct, the Board of Directors may implement agreed disciplinary measures, which may include warnings, suspension or dismissal, against such person. Should the Board of Directors determine that the breach of Empower’s Code of Conduct results in an actual or potential breach of law, such matter shall be reported to the proper judicial or statutory authorities in the relevant country or countries. ​ 6. PROTECTION OF WHISTLEBLOWER Empower is committed to ensuring that any person who makes a disclosure of Reportable Conduct is treated fairly and does not suffer detriment and that confidentiality is preserved in respect of all matters raised under this Whistleblower Policy. ​ Protection from Legal Action The Whistleblower will not be subject to any civil, criminal or administrative legal action (including disciplinary action) for making a disclosure under this policy or participating in any investigation. However, where there is a legal case or claim and the law requires it, the Whistleblower may be required to give evidence in a judicial context. ​ Protection against Detrimental Conduct Empower (or any person engaged by Empower) will not engage in “Detrimental Conduct” against the Whistleblower where a disclosure is made under this Whistleblower Policy and shall also take all reasonable steps to protect the Whistleblower from Detrimental Conduct, taking all necessary action where such conduct is identified. ​ “Detrimental Conduct” includes actual or threatened conduct such as the following (without limitation): Termination of employment; Injury to employment including demotion, disciplinary action; Alternation of position or duties; Discrimination; Harassment, bullying or intimidation; Victimisation; Harm or injury including psychological harm; Damage to a person’s property; Damage to a person’s reputation; Damage to a person’s business or financial position damage to a person; or Any other action aimed which can be construed to target the reporting personnel. Empower also strictly prohibits Detrimental Conduct against any person who is involved in an investigation of Reportable Conduct under this Whistleblower Policy in response to their involvement or participation in that investigation. ​ Any person subjected to Detrimental Conduct whether as a result of making a disclosure under this Whistleblowing Policy or participating in an investigation, should inform any person referenced in paragraph 4 above as a Whistleblowing Officer. 7. PROTECTION OF CONFIDENTIALITY All information received from a Whistleblower or derived from an investigation under this Whistleblower Policy will be treated confidentially and sensitively in accordance with Empower’s Confidentiality Policy. Any concerns should be raised to the appointed Whistleblowing Officer. ​ 8. MISCELLANEOUS Any breach of this Whistleblower Policy will be taken seriously and may result in disciplinary action, including termination of employment. ​ In so far as this Whistleblower Policy imposes any obligations on Empower, those obligations are not contractual and do not give rise to any contractual rights. To the extent that this Whistleblower Policy describes benefits and entitlements for employees, they are discretionary in nature and are also not intended to be contractual. The terms and conditions of employment that are intended to be contractual are set out in an employee’s written employment contract. ​ Empower may unilaterally introduce, vary, remove or replace this Whistleblower Policy at any time. All persons are encouraged to remain appraised of this Whistleblower Policy, all Compliance Policies and their terms applicable from time to time and as made available on the Empower Compliance Pages of its website. ​ Employees are encouraged to read this policy in conjunction with other relevant Company policies and Empower’s Code of Conduct. ​ This Whistleblower Policy will be reviewed and updated annually, from the date of the approval of the Empower Board. ​ (1) Incidents found to have been made in bad faith, maliciously, or which were known to be false when made, will be viewed as a serious offence that could give rise to disciplinary action, up to and including termination of employment with Empower or termination of the business relation. ​ (2) For the avoidance of doubt, Reportable Conduct does not include personal work-related grievances, which are grievances relating to a staff member’s employment at Empower and having personal implications but which are unlikely to have broader implications for Empower. Examples of personal work-related grievances are: An interpersonal conflict between the staff member and another employee; A decision relating to the engagement, transfer or promotion of an Employee or Consultant; A decision relating to the terms and conditions of engagement of an Employee or Consultant A decision to discipline an Employee, or otherwise suspend or terminate the engagement of an Employee or Consultant. Personal work-related grievances should be reported to the line manager or HR manager, in the first instance, or any non-related member of the senior management team of Empower.

  • GRIEVANCES | Empower New Energy

    Commentaires et griefs Nous prenons très au sérieux les commentaires de nos parties prenantes. Si vous avez des commentaires, des préoccupations, des griefs ou des plaintes de quelque nature que ce soit concernant l'un de nos investissements, veuillez les soumettre en utilisant le formulaire ci-dessous. Empower New Energy s'engage à répondre à tous les commentaires et à y donner suite rapidement.

  • Copy of VIDEOS | Empower New Energy

    Perspectives et points de vue Contactez-nous pour plus d'informations

  • Empower New Energy | Clean, reliable low-cost electricity for African businesses

    Une électricité propre, fiable et peu coûteuse pour l'industrie, le commerce et l'agriculture En savoir plus Votre entreprise est-elle à la recherche d'une énergie moins chère et plus propre ? Empower New Energy modernise et simplifie l'accès à votre propre énergie solaire. Si votre entreprise dispose d'un toit ou d'un espace au sol, vous n'avez pas besoin de dépendre uniquement de l'énergie coûteuse du réseau ou de l'énergie générée par le diesel. En collaboration avec nos partenaires locaux, nous vous proposons une solution solaire photovoltaïque optimisée qui vous permettra de réduire vos coûts énergétiques tout en diminuant votre empreinte carbone et environnementale. Avec le confort d'un accord à long terme via la signature d'un contrat d'achat d'électricité ou de fourniture d'électricité, vous pouvez compter sur Empower pour prendre en charge la construction, la maintenance et la fourniture d'électricité directement à votre charge, ainsi que la surveillance et le reporting, sans aucun paiement initial de votre part. Grâce à la solution d'Empower New Energy, votre entreprise peut commencer à économiser de l'argent dès le premier jour du fonctionnement de l'installation. Grâce à notre modèle de partenariat innovant, il est plus facile que jamais pour les entreprises africaines comme la vôtre d'attirer des investissements internationaux à fort impact. ​ Empower New Energy a alloué plus de 75 millions d'USD à des investissements dans des centrales solaires en toiture et au sol pour répondre aux besoins énergétiques des utilisateurs commerciaux, industriels et agricoles. Grâce à nos normes de qualité de premier rang, vous pouvez être assuré d'avoir accès aux meilleures solutions d'énergie solaire, de réduire considérablement vos coûts énergétiques ainsi que de diminuer vos émissions carbone. En savoir plus Le modèle d'investissement Empower New Energy Le modèle unique de co-développement d'Empower New Energy permet aux petites et moyennes entreprises africaines d'attirer des investissements à impact internationaux, par l'intermédiaire de partenaires locaux. Avec 75 millions d'USD actuellement réservés par nos investisseurs, Empower New Energy déploiera plus de 100 MW de centrales solaires en toiture et au sol pour les utilisateurs d'énergie commerciaux, industriels et agricoles, tout en garantissant les meilleures normes de qualité. ​ Partenariat Notre modèle unique nous permet d'exploiter les diverses compétences et ressources de nos partenaires. Une mise en œuvre réussie implique une collaboration étroite avec l'utilisateur d'énergie, ainsi qu'avec nos partenaires techniques, juridiques et d'ingénierie. Construction et opérations Le projet est construit et réalisé par le partenaire d'ingénierie et de construction (EPC), supervisé par l'expertise technique et environnementale, sanitaire et sécuritaire d'Empower New Energy. ​ La centrale solaire est surveillée par Empower New Energy en étroite collaboration avec notre partenaire local chargé de l'exploitation et de la maintenance. Gestion et propriété d'actifs Empower New Energy est le propriétaire de la centrale énergétique pendant la durée du contrat et gère l'actif conformément aux réglementations nationales, aux règles fiscales et aux normes environnementales et sociales. ​ À la fin de la période contractuelle, nous offrons à l'utilisateur d'énergie la possibilité de devenir propriétaire de la centrale solaire. En savoir plus Des investissements à impact positif D'ici 2030, Empower New Energy a pour objectif d'investir plus de 300 millions de dollars dans l'énergie solaire décentralisée en Afrique, d'éviter 500 000 tonnes de CO2 et de créer environ 20 000 emplois. À ce jour, nous avons investi 7,4 millions de dollars et livré 12 projets solaires en Égypte, au Ghana, au Maroc et au Nigéria. Jusqu´à présent, l'impact estimé de ces projets est le suivant : Voir nos études de cas Développement communautaire Une partie de toutes les dépenses d'investissement d'Empower New Energy sera affectée à un programme de développement communautaire axé sur les communautés socialement défavorisées de nos marchés cibles. Les dernières nouvelles d'Empower New Energy Voir plus d'histoires

  • CASE STUDIES | Empower New Energy

    Études de cas Ghana Nuts, Ghana | Taille du projet : 600 kWp | Réduction des émissions de CO2: 9,864 tonnes “Notre partenariat avec Empower New Energy a changé la donne pour notre entreprise. Nous avons réduit notre empreinte carbone et réalisé d'importantes économies sur nos factures d'électricité, ce qui nous a permis de réinvestir dans nos activités et d'améliorer nos résultats.” Obed Asante, CEO, Ghana Nuts Zalar Holdings, Morocco* | Taille du projet : 2.5MWp | éduction des émissions de CO2: 36,816 tonnes “Zalar est le premier groupe avicole marocain, présent sur l'ensemble de la chaîne de valeur de la viande de volaille, avec des opérations sur 25 sites différents au Maroc. Dans le cadre de notre projet de solarisation de nos 4 plus grandes installations, Empower New Energy s'est avéré être un financier très compétent, efficace et flexible.” Jaoad Sqalli, Deputy CEO, Zalar Holding

  • George Ndubi | Empower New Energy

    George Ndubi East Africa lead Fort de plus de neuf ans d´expérience, George Ndubi est un gestionnaire chevronné des actifs, opérations et de la maintenance. Sa connaissance des systèmes solaires et de l'ingénierie électrique apporte une contribution significative aux pratiques d'exploitation et de maintenance d'Empower New Energy. George est titulaire d'un diplôme d'ingénieur électricien et sa licence d'ingénieur solaire T3 délivrée par EPRA Kenya témoigne de son engagement à respecter les normes les plus strictes en matière de professionnalisme et d'expertise dans le domaine de l'énergie solaire. Retour

  • Paul Nosakhare | Empower New Energy

    Paul Nosakhare Project Engineer Travaillant depuis notre bureau de Lagos, Robo dirige et gère les projets de leur conception à leur cloture. Cela comprend la planification des projets, la collecte de documentation afin d'assurer la due diligence, l'appui aux équipes de projet, le suivi des progrès réalisés et la garantie d'une mise en œuvre réussie. Robo a une expérience variée en tant que consultant en gestion, responsable du marketing et conseiller en finance climatique au Nigeria. Retour

  • Solomon Ojoawo | Empower New Energy

    Solomon Ojoawo Project manager Basé au Nigéria, Solomon est dirige le développement et le déploiement des investissements au Ghana. Il fixe des buts et des objectifs, négocie les conditions d'investissement et les contrats, de gère les budgets, suit les progrès réalisés et veille au respect des lois et des réglementations applicables. Solomon est ingénieur et titulaire d'une maîtrise en gestion des technologies obtenue au Canada. Il possède des années d'expérience dans le développement et la conception d'énergies renouvelables en réseau et hors réseau, en tant que directeur du développement commercial au sein du groupe CMR. Retour

  • Navid Dean | Empower New Energy

    Navid Dean Senior Legal Counsel Dirigeant la fonction ESG et Blended Finance d´Empower, Raja est un économiste avec plus de 10 ans d'expérience dans le secteur du développement, avec un accent sur l'énergie renouvelable et l'action climatique. Il a notamment géré des projets d'énergie renouvelable et d'adaptation pour le gouvernement britannique en Afrique australe, a couvert le dossier du changement climatique pour le ministre d'État britannique pour le développement international, a conseillé sur la mise en œuvre du programme Energy Africa du Royaume-Uni et a conçu des initiatives d'énergie renouvelable pour le secteur privé en Afrique de l'Ouest et de l'Est. Retour

  • Mark Wopicho | Empower New Energy

    Mark Wopicho Chief Technical Officer Mark supervise la construction et l'exploitation des actifs, la sélection des technologies et assure le respect des normes en matière de santé, environnement et sécurité liées à nos projets. Il surveille notamment les efforts de recherche et de développement, élabore des stratégies et des plans, promeut les idées novatrices et veille à la bonne exécution des projets. Mark est également co-fondateur de PowerGen, société leader en Afrique de l'Est dans le domaine de l'EPC et du développement de mini-réseaux, où il occupait jusqu'à récemment le poste de directeur de l'énergie solaire commerciale et industrielle. Retour

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