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Our project investments 

Our first equity fund, Empower Invest, focuses on Africa, and initially on selected countries in sub-Saharan Africa. In partnership with our anchor investors – Norfund and ElectriFI – we have carefully selected countries, partners and projects to direct our first round of investments.

Sub-Saharan Africa is a fast-growing region suffering from a severe shortage of reliable and affordable power. Only through an accelerated uptake of distributed renewables can Africa meet its commitments in the Paris climate agreement, while at the same time providing affordable electricity to its power-hungry and fast-growing population and businesses.

Norfund is the Norwegian Development Finance Institution

ElectriFI is an impact investment facility mainly funded by the European Commission

Empower has developed a significant pipeline of projects that we aim to invest in through Empower Invest. In total, our pipeline exceeds 200 MW, spread across more than 10 countries. 








MWh per year

tons of CO2 avoided each year


The Rwandan government is keen to facilitate private sector investment and cooperation in renewable energy to meet and scale-up green and clean energy sources in the country. They are dedicated to advancing renewable energy for rural electrification and agricultural development and are looking for big investments.

Rwanda is targeting to achieve 100% access to electricity countrywide by 2024.  

Our project in Rwanda

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