Empower is the impact investment company investing in small and medium-scale renewable energy projects. Empower New Energy is the award-winning fund manager of Empower Invest, which is Europe's first renewable impact investment platform with a focus on Africa. 



We do this by applying know-how and investment capital to quality projects that otherwise are too small to attract international finance, and by managing assets and risks through a portfolio of investments. Through our innovative business model, we make the market for commercial and industrial projects accessible to climate financiers and investors. 

Empower was one of four award-winning start-ups in the International Climate Finance Accelerator (ICFA) Cohort 2018.

Empower was also one of the companies who got elected to receive a grant from EEP Africa.

Our vision is a world powered by affordable renewable energy

Our mission is to bridge the financing gap that currently impedes the fulfilment of numerous renewable energy projects in Africa and other emerging markets

We invest in quality solar PV and small hydro projects that improves access to reliable energy locally, and leads to reduced cost of electricity for the users. You can read more about what we can offer here

We partner with local and international project developers, preparing the projects for investment by Empower Invest. Through long-term partnerships and our collaborative platform, the Empower Gateway, we streamline the project development and financing process, reducing the time to market.

Empower is a limited liability company (AS) registered as an Alternative Investment Fund (AIF) with Finanstilsynet.

Our business model

Project partnering

Partnering with local and international project development partners to make renewable energy projects qualify for investment

Construction and operations

Partnering with professional and experienced EPC and O&M companies for construction and operations and maintenance of the facility

Investment and asset management

Leveraging equity capital with climate finance and optimizing project portfolio to secure high financial, environmental and social return

Our impact targets

Empower Invest is an impact investment fund that delivers competitive financial return to its investors while at the same time delivering concrete and measurable results on climate action and sustainable development. These are the five impact targets of Empower, following the Sustainable Development Goals: