Awards and recognition

Empower is proud that, despite being relatively new to the market, its unique business proposition and strong team of professionals are being regularly recognised for innovative thinking and successful project structuring.


In 2020, Empower was awarded a grant from the African Development Bank-managed Sustainable Energy Fund for Africa (SEFA), in support of its innovative approach to financing small and medium sized renewable energy projects


In 2019, Empower was awarded a grant from the Energy and Environment Partnership Africa (EEP) to support its first small hydro project, Rucanzogera, in Rwanda. The grant was awarded in recognition of Empower´s innovative portfolio ownership approach to small and medium-scale renewable energy projects. EEP is managed by the Nordic Development Fund.


In 2018, Empower was selected as an award-winner by the Luxembourg-initiated “International Climate Finance Accelerator” (ICFA). The ICFA is a public-private partnership between the government and the financial sector in Luxembourg, set up to support “future leaders of sustainable fund management”.

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